Know that perfect piece of jewelry you would love to have....

but, it doesn't exist yet ???   Let us make it for you !

Send us your ideas and our custom jewelry design team will work with you to make your desire a reality. From a faint idea, a sketch or even a photo to give us the direction so we can work with you to finalize your design. We'll discuss what type of metal you prefer, the shape and cut of any diamonds or gemstones in the design along with other details that will bring your one of a kind piece to life. 

We will work together during every step of the design process. Depending on the design and complexity we will either hand carve the piece in wax or create a 3d model using computer aided software by one of our  master designers to create an image that you can review to make certain this is the piece you have in your mind’s eye.  The modeling process usually takes 3 to 4 business days.  And if the piece is not as you desired we will continue to work with your through this process until it’s perfect

After you approve the design, your custom piece of jewelry is cast, and our custom jeweler will set your choice of diamonds or gemstones. The jewelry is polished and finished by hand and presented to you.  This part of the process takes 5 business days to complete.

Come in and sit down for a free consultation about designing your own custom piece of jewelry.