Imperial Topaz 10.00 carats


Imperial Topaz 10.00 carats

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Stone: Imperial topaz

Weight: 10.00 cts. 

Clarity: VVS 

Dimensions:  13.45 x 13.39 x 8.86mm

Design:  Diamond Decent - Teratai Bloom (modified Portuguese round)       

Origin: Brazil

Treatment: None 

Cut by: Alina D. 

Notes: This is a light imperial topaz cut in a beautiful design that has incredible brilliance.  The stone is a medium light tone.  The stone is very clean and excellent cut.  The stone shifts from a pinkish orange to a golden orange.  The stone does have a slight brownish tone to it but doesn't detract from the stone.  The cut is excellent and the brilliance is off the charts.