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Blue sapphire 4.83 cts.


Ceylon blue sapphire 4.83 cts.

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Stone: Blue sapphire

Weight: 4.83 cts.

Clarity: VS2

Dimensions: 10.47x 7.50x 6.98 mm

Design: Cushion Rectangular cushion barion

Origin: Ceylon, Sri Lanka

Treatment: No Treatment

Cut by: John B.

Notes:  This is an incredible untreated large blue sapphire. The tone is a nice medium blue and the stone's color is vibrant.  Very small silt inclusions that are undetectable by the unaided eye that shows it has no signs of heat.  Also there is an internal feather in the stone and very difficult to see but only when viewing from under the pavilion. The stone was re-cut to bring out the true beauty of this stone.  Comes with the original certification from the lab from Sri Lanka showing no signs of heat as well as a US lab certification showing no heat.

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