Imperial garnet 1.80 cts


Imperial garnet 

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Stone: Imperial garnet

Weight: 1.80 cts

Clarity: VS

Dimensions: 7.86x 6.29x 4.78mm

Design: Barion oval

Origin: Tunduru, Tanzania

Treatment: None

Cut by: John B.

Notes: Shifts from a purlish pink (incandescent) to brandy wine (fluorescent).   The clarity is listed as VS because there is a ltitle speck of carbon in the stone.  There is one little issue with this stone that once it is set you will never know.  After taking it off the dop and cleaning the stone it was dropped on a ceramic tile.  It chipped the point of the pavilion.  The stone is discounted for this flaw that you will never know once it is set.  A great stone at a discounted price.

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