Blue sapphire 1.21 cts.


Umba Valley blue sapphire 1.21 cts.

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Stone: Blue sapphire

Weight: 1.21 cts

Clarity: SI2

Dimensions: 6.17x 6.08x 4.16mm

Design: Round brilliant

Origin: Umba Valley, Tanzania

Treatment: None

Cut by: John B.

Notes: This is a nice untreated blue sapphire. The tone of this stone is medium to medium light. Though it is listed as a slightly included stone the silt is not apparent by the unaided eye however there is an inclusion naked to the eye but not from the table side and also a small inclusion on the girdle side that can be hidden with a prong.  I am listing it because when viewed by the eye the stone is beautiful and sparkly.  The inclusions see to not hamper its brilliance.  The stone shifts color depending on the lighting.

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