Blue cc spinel 3.11 cts.
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Blue cc spinel 3.11 cts.


Blue color change spinel 3.11 cts.

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Stone: Blue color change spinel

Weight: 3.11 cts.

Clarity: VVS (there is no visable inclusions or surface cracks)

Dimensions: 10.28x 7.96x 5.76mm

Design: Barion Oval

Origin: Ceylon, Sri Lanka

Treatment: None

Cut by: John B.

Notes: Excellent violet blue spinel with one unusual aspect when under certain spectrum of fluorescent light it turns a nice purple with a hint of pink.  Some would call it color change and others would call it a color shift.  It reminds me of a color change sapphire.  It is a wonderful stone to add to any collection.  The stone has a very slight gray to it and the tone of the stone is medium.